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trust center default link key when factory reset

Question asked by chris ww on Nov 12, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by chris ww


I am new to NXP zigbee, and still getting familiar with application Note-1217


I may find an issue cause some inconvenient,

When flashing a new coordinator on 5169-dongle, there is a default link key which is “ZigBeeAlliance09”, 

I can see the key value from "print" serial command as following, So I can use this key and using wireshark to decrypt the zigbee traffic




But the key looks like gone after I send serial "factory reset" command to coordinator, below is the "print" command response, so "factory reset" seems no use for me, I need to reprogram whenever I want to clear coordinator's data.



I'd like to ask, is "factory reset" also delete the default link key? How to keep it after factory reset?

Or do I misunderstand the operation of this application Note?