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How to config and run 802.1AS(gptp) on the SJA1105 Board

Question asked by xinting gu on Nov 11, 2019

I bought a SJA1105 Application Board to verify AVB strteam between SJA1105 and PC(Ubuntu OS)so on.


I had tried to set clock synchronization parameters SW MASTER on PC(run gptp on master mode),


and made a new configuration file
(refer: SJA1105\example_configs\create_config_Basic_L2_Switching_No_Priority_Queue_RGMII_1000_AVB.bat)


and run test.bat to install the newconfig.hex.


But I could not running gptp on the SJA1105, I try log network capture by Wireshark.


I don,t get any  protocals data of SJA1105.


Please tell me if something wrong or missing. How to config SJA1105 as a Switch run gptp. 


Now I can't  register Docstore anymore. It says "


The registration of new accounts is current not possible."

How can I download  the "sw427402 - Drivers (0.2)". to me?


Best Regards.