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U-boot Environment Variables Source Code

Question asked by Nandish SG on Nov 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by karan gajjar

 Hello NXP,


I am looking for the U-boot Environment Variables Source Code in imx6 android 9 architecture.

but if i am not wrong i am able to find the setenv and printenv only two variables source in following 

path " /source/vendor/nxp-opensource/uboot-imx/tools/env/fw_env_main.c " is it correct path and file 

for the setenv and printenv variables. if not please let me know the correct path and file.

and also for all remaining variables also like uboot, reset, reboot, ubootdelay, mm, cp, saveenv, etc.


Thanks in advance and best Regards,