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How to erase/write nor flash using T1042 IFC ?

Question asked by anil sawyer on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by ufedor


I try to erase and write operation with t1042 integrated flash controller, but  Nor flash is 128 MB and also sector size is 128 KB, sector count 1024.

Erase/write start address is 0xe8fe0000 and sector ending address 0x8ffffff.  


First of all, I run u-boot , then I read random nor flash address with a volatile unsigned integer pointer.  Although I set registers ifc_cspr0_WP (chip select property register, write protect) read/write accesses is allow, i don't write or erase related nor address. I check common event and error status register (ifc_cm_evter_stat) and nor event and error status register, it seems normally, they don't indicate error.


But I don't understand this ifc norcr (nor control register) and nor flash control machine. Moreover, what is the number of phase in ifc_norcr. Why use this total number of phases ? 


Related nor flash datasheet is spansion S29GL01GS. Mentioned datasheet ; address and data on which register to write. Otherwise erase state command transition issue handled with ifc on instead of me.

For example; Commend sequence; Sector Erase; Cycles 6; Addr 555; Data AA.


How to directly erase and write nor flash using ifc? Please detailed me, or show me. 

Thank u.