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MIMXRT1064 not entering serial downloader mode

Question asked by Mayuresh Manjrekar on Nov 10, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Hi All,


We have developed a new product using MIMXRT1064 and want have several prototype boards ready. The boards have boot 0 and boot 1 pins on jumpers so that we could select the boot mode. I have the FLASHLOADER-RT1064-1.0 tools installed on my system. For now we want to put it into serial downloader mode and burn the efuse bits as mentioned in the AN12238 application note using the sdphost application and USB-UART connected to the UART1 of the MCU .


The problem we are facing right now is no matter how much we try the sdphost application is not able to communicate with the chip. The program always exits with error code 5 (No Response from Device). 


Few things to note:


1. The MCU is getting erased and programmed over JTAG. We need to burn the efuse bits to tell the chip to ignore the CFG pin settings on reset and directly jump to execution from internal flash.


2. The USB UART is working.


3. Tried this on 3 different machines. Same problem on all of them.


Could someone help us out in resolving this issue please? Until this is resolved we are forced to put the rest of the proto production on hold.


Thanks in Advance!


Mayuresh Manjrekar