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Debug 1064 RT at 0x7002_0000, FreeRTOS, J-Link

Question asked by Keith Smith on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by Jorge Antonio Alcala Vazquez

I’m using MCUxpresso 11.x for a 1064 RT project on the NXP 1064 RT eval board.


I can debug a program that starts at 0x7000_0000 with Segger J-Link (J47 and J48 disabled on eval board).

This is the configuration one would find for a bootloader. Using 2.6 SDK.


I want to build and debugger an application that starts at 0x7002_0000, a program the bootloader would start.


When I change MCU settings to specify 0x7002_0000 as a start address I notice that the .boot_hdr from /xip folder is not in the build (verified in map file).


In addition, I am using FreeRTOS.


In the JLink Debugger tab, I click on 'Initialize CPU Registers' and unclick 'Reset before running'. I am able to debug a program at offset 0x7002_0000.


If I check 'Select RTOS plugin' which enables GDBServer/RTOSPlugin_FreeRTOS, I can break at ResetISR, but I can’t seem to get past the watchdog code in SystemInit(). [DISABLE_WDOG = 1]


The J-link log shows retrieving the FreeRTOS information after loading the program. Log attached.


The 'failure' to debug a program not at the 'base' address and using FreeRTOS with J-Link has been a problem with 10.3 as well.


Some projects work. Some projects don't.