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Android 9 imx8mq  OTA incremental update error

Question asked by chen yy on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by Shivani Patel


1.I use make otapackage -j12 build a full update package , it works well.

2. when I use incremental package to update, there is a error occurs:

      Applying 21701 operations to partition "system"
      The hash of the source data on disk for this operation doesn't match the expected value. This could mean that the delta update payload was targeted for another version, or that the source partition was modified after it was installed, for example, by mounting a filesystem.
     Expected:   sha256|hex = 839ACF5296B9AB820DC822B6C09EBA896905531EB2C581093A357411F1A444A0
     Calculated: sha256|hex = 18AF8D6842A71554893F1DE65B87F2A9639FB390357C71D5383C6ED7A6051AFA



someone tells me , make otapackage will repack system.img, so I should use xxx\obj\PACKAGING\target_files_intermediates\dw8761-target_files-eng.panxf\IMAGES\system.img  replace xxx\system.img , then flash the device as base version. 


but when I replace system.img, use uuu flash the device, the device cannot boot again, the error is:

  4.288597]   #3: imx-audio-hdmi
[    4.292000] device-mapper: init: attempting early device configuration.
[    4.299566] device-mapper: init: adding target '0 5159992 verity 1 PARTUUID=086d1015-b508-4da4-9a28-bd2669b17f2c PARTUUID=086d1015-b508-4da4-9a28-bd2669b17f2c 4096 4096 644999 644999 sha1 8498f26cb2fd144a646330255483dd3d0218ad85 49f7d94f9f35948263f3244905675f7eeaf7d3ed 10 restart_on_corruption ignore_zero_blocks use_fec_from_device PARTUUID=086d1015-b508-4da4-9a28-bd2669b17f2c fec_roots 2 fec_blocks 650080 fec_start 650080'
[    4.339884] device-mapper: init: dm-0 is ready
[    4.355318] device-mapper: verity-fec: 179:5: FEC: recursion too deep
[    4.361795] device-mapper: verity: 179:5: metadata block 644999 is corrupted
[    4.368991] imx-sdma 302c0000.sdma: external firmware not found, using ROM firmware
[    4.369503] kvm: exiting hardware virtualization
[    4.376795] imx-sdma 30bd0000.sdma: external firmware not found, using ROM firmware
[    4.417371] reboot: Restarting system with command 'dm-verity device corrupted'


xxx\obj\PACKAGING\target_files_intermediates\dw8761-target_files-eng.panxf\IMAGES\system.img [size: 1173853kB]

xxx\system.img [1173849KB]


use xxx\system.img  flash the device is ok.

so where make otapackage -j12 build system image is different from  make -j12. how to resolve this problem?