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LPC55S69 : reinit PINT after resuming from Power-Down low power mode

Question asked by Eugene Hiihtaja on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by Sabina Bruce

Hello !


I have combine gint and power management example from SDK ( code in attachment also ) and find out that I need

to reinitialize GPIO pins what are included in PINT almost completely.



I have included SW2 and SW3 pins(buttons) to GINT0/1 and PINT ( 0,1 interrupt slot).

When MCU switching between ACTIVE and SLEEP modes, it is no any problems.

GINTx and PINTx callback functions executed as expected.

But after Power-Down mode, I should reinitialize MUX and PINT configurations for be able to have PINTx interrupts back after exit from Power-Down mode.

Is this some feature, bug or it should be like this ?


In your power_manager_lpc.c example you do this trick as well when call  APP_InitWakeupPin(); after MCU resumed from Power down mode.


2. I can see that GINTx can resume MCU from Power-Down mode due Edge type of detection.

   But it looks like no way to specify what kind if Edge should be active Rising or Falling.


  Can it be set somehow on per pin basis what kind of edge  is active when pin is included to GINTx  ?

  GINTx works fine in ACTIVE, SLEEP and POWER-DOWN modes.


3. Or if edges should be detected , pin should be part of PINT ( 8 pin limitation )  only. and edge detection works in ACTIVE and SLEEP modes only ?


I have more than 18 external GPIO pins acting as interrupt line and should be able to detect both Edges in ACTIVE, SLEEP and POWER DOWN modes. Any tricks and tips are welcome.