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iio drivers with mx8m

Discussion created by remi laisne on Nov 7, 2019
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Im trying to get st_pressure driver working with IIO driver with MX8M Variscite eval kit board using linux 4.4.78

In menuconfig i activated drivers + device tree looks like :


    compatible = "st,lps35hw";
    reg = <0x5d>;
    interrupt-parent = <&gpio4>;
    interrupts = <13 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;



then at boot, dmesg output  :

[    5.078608] st-press-i2c 3-005d: 3-005d supply vdd not found, using dummy regulator
[    5.078649] st-press-i2c 3-005d: 3-005d supply vddio not found, using dummy regulator
[    5.080323] st-press-i2c: probe of 3-005d failed with error -22

Also i can't find information about I2C "-22" error meaning in kernel errors code.


i2c is running fine with other devices that are not IIO.

I copied drivers from linux 5.3+ since it's not available on linux 4.4.78



What i'm missing here ?

Thank you for your help.