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LPC55x clocks & timer configuration

Question asked by Steffen Norbert on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Alice_Yang

Hi there,
I am starting a project on LPC55S69 and got stuck with very basic things.
I hope to get some help, in order to be able to carry on:


Iam using MCUXpresso IDE and the SDK for the mentioned board.
I started with:
bcause there is no example about a free running timer, which is what I need.
It was easy to get rid of the "match stuff" from the example and to read the
free running counter with:
CTIMER_GetTimerCountValue(CTIMER); // where CTIMER is e.g. CTIMER2 or 4
However I need microseconds and milliseconds and the clock attached in the
example is 12 Mhz.


Therefore I tried to replace the 12 MHz clock with a 1 MHz clock:
CLOCK_AttachClk(kFRO1M_to_CTIMER4);  // when CTIMER was defined as CTIMER4
This gave the following error, when executing the above statement:
"15: Target error from Register access
Wire ACK Fault in DAP access"


BTW: when using:
it did work as expected (with 32 768 Hz).
 What was the mistake?
 And could some one give me a hint how to configure a prescaler (or two) to get down to
 1 Mhz and 1 Khz.
 Thank you in andvance for your help