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S32k144 jumps to app through bootloader, watchdog cannot start correctly

Question asked by 一军 王 on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by 一军 王


      I am writing a bootloader in s32k144 to jump to the app and start the watchdog process in the app. In bootloader, I use the function WDOG_DRV_Deinit() to stop watchdog. Then bootloader will jump to app program and configure watchdog in app program. But after the jump, watchdog can be configured successfully, but it can't be started all the time. There has been no dog feeding in the program and the program has not been restarted. Through the function WDOG_DRV_GetCounter(), I can see that the count value is always 0. And the watchdog driver I use is the library function of S32 DS. Why is that?