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How to create an example usb_device_SD_card project of MK50DN512 in MCUXpresso?

Question asked by on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by Mark Butcher



I would like to use the usb device function of MK50DN512. First I looked at the MK50DN512xxx10, there is a usb_device_msc_sdcard example under board twrk60d100m folder. I followed instruction given in "MCUXpresso SDK USB Stack User's Guide.PDF", imported the usb SDK example, modified pin_mux.c file that suits my system. But the created usb example is based on MK60 MCU, eventually I did not make it work with my MK50DN512.


I also attempted to create a new MCUXpresso K50 project with MCUXpresso_Config_Tools_v6, but failed because the software refuses to do so and just suggests me to create a project within MCUXpresso directly, that way that I have just failed.


Could someone help?