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LS1012A-FRDM JTAG Flash Error

Question asked by 인섭 심 on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2019 by Yiping Wang

The following problem occurs with Flash Download using ARM JTAG.


There is no MBED, so you have to use ARM JTAG.


The CodeWarrior was connected to a PC and the LS1012A-FRDM board was connected to an external power source.


What is the problem?








(gdb) source ../../gdb_extensions/flash/
Starting flash programmer services...
Starting local server...
Successfully started gdb server
Set gdb remote timeout to 7200
Connecting to target...
Using LS1012A SoC
Using jtag speed 16000
Connecting to probe...
 connected successfully
Successfully connected to probe
Initializing target...
Running init script c:\freescale\cw4net_v2019.01\cw_armv8\armv8\gdb_extensions\flash\scripts/../../../../Config/boards/
RCW error encountered. In order to diagnose the error temporarily change the board configuration switches to ignore the assertion of the RESET_REQ_B signal. Please refer to board reference manual in order to locate the appropriate switch that controls this behavior.
Error: fail to initialize target
Closing debugger server...
Error: fail to start flash programming services.




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