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imx8mmini sd/mmc manufacture mode

Question asked by Darko Komljenovic on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2019 by jimmychan

Hello, i have a weird situation with the sd/mmc card recovery mode on my custom imx8mmini board.

When i don't burn the efuses for boot selection, it boots normally from the sdcard.

When i burn the fuses (to nand + bt_fuse_sel) it normally starts from nand


When i try to press the boot mode pin so that BOOT_MODE[1:0]=01b it's directly skipping the sdmmc card to usb downloader mode. This behaves the same, before and after burning the fuses. I am able to transfer a image via the uuu tool, so I am sure that it is in the usb dowload mode.


The Disable SDMMC Manufacture mode bit is set to 0 (didn't touch that one)

And while looking the graph i thought it should behave the same if it is boot_mode=0 + bt_fuse_sel=0 or when puting the boot_mode to 1


Do I maybe need to fuse something else? modify my u-boot spl code? Any ideas would be appreciated!