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How to set full display for QT project?

Question asked by downey downey on Nov 6, 2019
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   I'm developing a application with QT5, on my development PC(X86,ubuntu 18.04), The QT application runs OK, it can display for full-screen with the QT API: showFullScreen()

   But, after I run  the same project on imx8mq-evk, which is the same source code,compiled by cross-compile-tool-chain, It can not display full screen, there always a system title bar which locates on top of screen( Please refer to the picture with attachment).

   The evironment is below:

         platform : imx8mq-evk

         instructions: export GRAPHICS=wayland-egl

                             ./exe  -platform ${GRAPHICS} -plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event1  


I'm sure that it runs ok on my ubuntu, So I think that my QT project is OK.

Could you please tell me how to hide the system bar?

 Best regards