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NFC Reader Library Example UART Communication

Question asked by Utsavi Kalpesh Bharuchwala on Nov 6, 2019
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I am working on NFC Reader Library.


Starting with Basic Discovery Loop example, I want to use UART as communication interface between NFC(as HOST  Application) and CLR663. Currently, Library is communicating with CLR663 using SPI interface.


My queries are:

1) I want to use UART communication in place of SPI communication. How to change this in NFC Library Basic Discovery Loop demo example?


Effect of Changing UART Driver:


I tried to replace SPI driver in UserSpi.c file to UART driver of my HOST. And Driver Opened and Read Write are not creating any problem.


But when I tried to run demo, Program got crash (segmentation fault !!). Program got crash in Basic Discovery Loop 12. 

I mean, only changes are done in replacing of driver and left SPI driver open, read and write functions disabling. I have not done any changes in Basic Discovery Loop demo.


Also, There is no effect of whether board is connected or not, Tag is near to board or not. Program Crash..!!


Please suggest me proper way to change in NFC Reader Library source code.


Note that, after Loop9, I can tx data like 63, 192 and receive data like: 5.(I dont know data send and received is right or wrong... )


2)  Say if UART communication is started between CLR663 and HOST properly, then how can I verify protocols used for NFC and CLR663 communication, as I have ,mentioned above, I dont know data received and transmitted is right or wrong?

Is there any document which provide information about NFC and CLR663 protocol in details ?


3) As per application Note of CLR663 board, I come to know that IRQ connection is required for Microcontroller and CLR663 communication.Can NFC Reader Library read Tag without this IRQ connections? 


Please note that, changes in CLR663 board for UART Connection with HOST is already done with the help of application note. 



4) If I want to use IRQ for interrupt Microcontroller then is there any settings I need to do in Basic Discovery Loop demo example?



Is there any NFC example for uart base communication with CLR663??


Please reply me as soon as possible.





Utsavi B.