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Read SRIX4K from PN532

Question asked by Gian Marco Barbato on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2019 by Gian Marco Barbato

Hello there.

I wanted to know how could I read a SRIX4K tag by using a PN532 reader.

I know SRIX4K is a ISO 14443 Type-B  (part 2 and 3) tag.

I'm trying to use InListPassiveTarget (D4 4A) but no device is detected.

When I try to send a raw command through InCommunicateThru (D4 42) the reader goes in timeout (even raising timeout timing there's not response).


I know I have to follow a sequenze of commands for the SRIX4K tag:

Initiate() -> Command [06 00] + CRC

Select() -> Command [0E {Chip Id}] + CRC

Get_UID() -> Command  [0B] + CRC

But no response detected.


What can I do in order to get at least the UID of my key?



*Srix4K manual