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CMX OTG on coldfire

Discussion created by Luca Petro on Mar 12, 2009
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Hi all,

    I'm starting evaluating the CMX USB LITE for ColdFire. I'm a nubble in USB matters...(readers are advised :smileywink:)


I'm analyzing the USB OTG demo and something is not so clear.


As far as I know the MCF2221 has a USB OTG internal module, but in the example an external I2C to USB OTG converter is used: MAX 3353.


In the code you can see that routintes refer to I2C module to communicate with this device to allow to use this type of USB.


My first question is: Am I in wrong or doesn't CMX USB LITE  support the internal ColdFire module?


I'll start a new application with MCF52252AF80, do someone have ported this stack to an 5225X coldfire?


Thank you!!