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GPU (Galcore.ko) is not working on .mx6-SOLOsabresd

Question asked by Noam Moshe on Nov 5, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by Noam Moshe

In one of our boards we use i.mx6-SOLOsabresd  (MCIMX6S5EVM10AC) with Embedded Linux. Our current versions are:

  •       Kernel 4.1.15
  •       Jethro (Yocto version 2.0)


In order to apply a certain feature we need to upgrade the BSP (Kernel, Linux,..). We tried:

  •       Sumo (Yocto version 2.5) version with kernel 4.14
  •       Rocko (Yocto version 2.4) version with kernel 4.9
  •       Rocko (Yocto version 2.4) version with kernel 4.9.88 (specific version)


Using the next images:


In all of the cases we encountered with the same problem – the GPU (Galcore.ko) is not working, we cannot run our graphic apps.


We need a solution for i.mx6-SOLOsabresd (MCIMX6S5EVM10AC).