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uSDHC module initiate take too long (5 seconds)

Question asked by dany amsalem on Nov 5, 2019
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I'm working on the DEVKIT MPC5748G rev D under the S32 IDE, using SDK 2.0.


my current SDK:

         S32 Design Studio MPC574xx and S32R SDK RTM 2.0.0 NXP



the uSDHC module has initiate cycle long as 5 seconds time, which is very long time for our product.


I found that the define of this 5 seconds  uSDHC_TC_TIMEOUT_MS in file usdhc_impl.c responsible for it, changing this define to 1 second results sometime to its task to stuck. in all my tries only value with this define set to 5 seconds results OK.


my questions are:

1. is it a known issue ? do you have any fix for that?

2. why it behaves as a delay and not as a timeout, most of times it works with 1 second (even less). why it not break out and save time in initiate uSDHC module ? (it uses its 5 seconds all the time)



Thanks in advance