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LPC55S69 : Write/Read Gpio lines by different Cores

Question asked by Eugene Hiihtaja on Nov 4, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by Sabina Bruce

Hello !


Do I understand right  and it is no any problem if I would like to Read/write different GPIO pins inside one group 0 or 1

at the same time ?


static inline void GPIO_PinWrite(GPIO_Type *base, uint32_t port, uint32_t pin, uint8_t output)
base->B[port][pin] = output;

static inline uint32_t GPIO_PinRead(GPIO_Type *base, uint32_t port, uint32_t pin)
return (uint32_t)base->B[port][pin];


I can see each pin has own address and I can freely write PIO0_17 pin from Core0

and PIO0_18 from Core1 without any faults.


Is this so ?


Or how to safely read/write individuals GPIO pins from Core0 and 1 at the same time ?