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How to enable opengl in IMX8qxp with yocto for latest version of source code <>

Question asked by Sandeep Rai on Nov 3, 2019

I have been trying to write some user space program for openbgl but by default it is not working at all they all are missing library. hence, I do require to enable opengl/opengl es in imx8xp. Anyone have idea? i am new to opengl so not much idea.


I have checked following, I CONCLUDED that no full/complete support is given:

/usr/include/gl - found [EGL]

/usr/include/opengl-not found or similar *.so not found for so to prove its availability.

glxinfo doesnot work ..


There is no bydefault example I found somewhere, Is there any refrnce document for so, I have been through older document based on VTK. but  do require with opengl function to be run on system so excluded the idea of VTK.




Sandeep K Rai