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S32K142 Q100 EVB with CAN0 - no signal on Tx pin

Question asked by Muncho Smith on Nov 1, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by Petr Stancik

Hi Good People,

I'm having a problem of getting CAN0 working on my S32K142 q100 evb. I'm following AN5413 (S32K1xx_cookbook), the example S32K142_Project_FlexCAN. I also tried a cople of example projects from the RTM SDK v.3.0.

I expect to see some bit pattern on the CAN_Tx pin (PTE5) with the scope (for now I'm not bothering with UJA1169).

But nothing to be seen there. I followed all known to me guides: the board is powered with 12V; all PCC and MUX are set.

If a switch to CAN0 loop-back in CTRL1 reg. I can see the can engine is working. As soon as I switch CTRL1[LPB] = disable, the MB command code (0x0C for Tx) just stays and no timestamp update happens. I guess I'm missing some not so obvious, but crucial detail in the software config. or my board's PORTE is damaged (or any other hardware issue).

Can you give some guide lines, where to look for resolution, please.

I have no other device to listen for the CAN frames, just a bus monitor - CANape app.

Developing env. is S32DS Version: 2018.R1 .

Debugger: Lauterbach/S32DS


Best regards