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BLE project Beacon on kw36 development board

Question asked by Liu X.P. Liu on Nov 3, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by Liu X.P. Liu

Hi,I‘m eager  for help.

In the process of learning ble development routines, many things are not clear due to the complexity
I'd like to ask if anyone who uses kw36 to develop the beacon project can tell me,
1. Where is the most important modifiable configuration defined in this location routine
2. About where the UUID is written, and how I can see its value
3. The reason why two specific devices can be connected is about where the parameters (addresses) required by the two devices are written. In other words, if I want to change a Bluetooth device to receive beacon data, what parameters each device (kw36 and my own board) needs to provide, and whether this parameter of kw36 is generated by hardware or configured by my software. If it is a hardware value, I can see the relevant macro definition in which file


Thanks very much if any one could help me.