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MCF52223 ADC's SYNCA signal confusion

Discussion created by Harjit Singh on Mar 12, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2009 by MrBean

I'm looking at using the MCF52223 and wanted to use a timer to kick of a set of ADC conversions.


The MCF52223 datasheets, ADC chapter block diagram shows a SYNCx signal and then the description says that a conversion can be initiated by asserting a positive edge on SYNC0 input.


If I search for SYNC0 there is no such pin. The language makes me believe that this should be a pin.


In the signals section, the ADC Signals section talks about ADC Sync Inputs and calls them SYNCA / SYNCB <- huh? what happened to SYNC0?


So, for the longest time, I thought that SYNCA and SYNCB must be the ADC sync inputs until just a few minutes ago, when I came across a SYNCn set of signals in the General Purpose Timer section and this section refers to SYNCA and SYNCB for synchronization of the timer counter.


I'd love to know:

* Do the ADCs have sync inputs?

  * If so, what are they called and what are their pin #s for the 100 pin QFP package?


Is there updated documentation around this?




PS: The MCF52223 Reference manual talks about CANTX and CANRX and those don't exist on the MCF52223...