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How to recover MCIMX7SABRE board loaded with an abnormal image

Question asked by Yuichi Takeda on Nov 1, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2019 by Yuichi Takeda

Hello, Community.




I'm trying to debug an application by loading an image to the QSPI flash on iMX7D via JTAG.
The evaluation board used is MCIMX7SABRE.




One day, I accidentally loaded an abnormal program.
As a result, the image cannot be loaded again.




In the case of QSPI Boot, when the evaluation board is turned on, the abnormal program on the QSPI flash is executed, resulting in an abnormal CPU status, the boot loader cannot be executed, and the image cannot be loaded.




So I tried loading the image in a mode other than QSPI Boot, but I couldn't access the QSPI flash and load it.




How do I erase an abnormal image on the QSPI flash and load a normal image?




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Yuichi Takeda