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imx6ull error about burning by using mfgtool

Question asked by Ida J on Oct 31, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by Rita Wang


      I'm using imx6ull board and have built a yocto project by setting bitbake fsl-image-machine-test. And I want to use mfgtool to burn files to imx6ull's nand. The cfg.ini is as follows:

         chip = Linux
         board = SabreSD
         name = NAND Flash


       And the file's location has no problem. As for the mfgtool.vbs, I also had changed:


Set wshShell = CreateObject("") "mfgtool2.exe -c ""linux"" -l ""NAND Flash"" -s ""sxuboot=sabreauto""  -s ""sxdtb=sabreauto"" -s ""6ulluboot=14x14evk"" -s ""6ulldtb=14x14-evk"" -s ""board=sabreauto"" -s ""nand=nand"" -s ""nanddtb=gpmi-weim"" -s ""part_uboot=0"" -s ""part_kernel=1"" -s ""part_dtb=2"" -s ""part_rootfs=3""   "
Set wshShell = Nothing


      When I clicked the program's start, it showed:



      How can I deal with it? Hope your help!