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T1042 RDB - 64b Destination Host Unreachable

Question asked by Yusuf Altıparmak on Oct 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by Yiping Wang

Hello nxp community,


I am planning to use TFTP for my T1042 RDB - 64b board to flash yocto generated U-boot and linux kernel etc. . Firstly i wanted to check network communication so I decided to send ping from a local windows machine. When I try to send ping, it replies to windows machine as 'Destination host unreachable'. I am using ETH0 port and board IP is PC IP is and subnet of both devices are I also defined a gateway for both devices as

I am using SDK 2.0 - 1703 and followed the steps described in .

What is the problem here. Any suggestions ?