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PN7462: unable to program flash

Question asked by Piergiuseppe Tundo on Oct 30, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by Piergiuseppe Tundo



I am no longer able to program the flash of some PN7462 parts.


I know about SECROW feature, which I didn't intentionally change using the phhalSysSer_OTP_SecrowConfig call.
I would like to know the address of the SECROW word in the reserved EEPROM just to verify it isn't protected.


Furthermore, in section 3.2.1 “PN7462 family ROM primary download EEPROM config” of the "family Software User Manual" (UM10913), table 4 shows some parameters in the range 0-3 that manage access to the EEPROM and to the flash; these parameters are of course stored in the reserved part of EEPROM: I would like to know the exact (undocumented) address of these parameters, to further verify my issue.


Just to add more elements, on affected parts I'm able to read/write EEPROM and attach to the target using SWD: the only problem is programming the flash, which can only be read.


Thank you in advance.