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Does the EdgeLock SE050 applet support sensor data protection?

Question asked by Jordi Jofre Mk Employee on Oct 29, 2019

Yes, it does. The EdgeLock SE050 allows you to set up a secure, end-to-end connection from the
sensor or actuator to your local IoT gateway or cloud-based service, protecting the
interface between the sensor and the security IC. As such, EdgeLock SE050 helps you to
provide a higher level of security in your IoT system by:

  • Preventing data manipulation: The data extracted by the sensor is collected privately
    and cannot be manipulated.
  • Authenticating the sensor: The system authenticates the sensor as a proof of origin.
  • Providing end-to-end security: The data collected over the private sensor can be
    encrypted and securely transferred to your gateway or cloud for further treatment and

For more information, you can refer to AN12449- Sensor data protection with EdgeLock SE050