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IMX RT1060 - pin slew rate issue

Question asked by on Oct 29, 2019
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I'm starting to use the board IMX RT1060-EVK And I meet the following issue :

I tried to implement a SPI bus on the "arduino header" of the board, but I have a very bad slew-rate on the pin (rising/falling edge duration are around 10µs, so a max bus frequency of 50kHz...).


I tried without success many different config for the corresponding IOMUXC_SW_PAD_CTL_PAD_xxx register of the concerned pin (no impact in case of change in the field SPEED, DSE or SRE, even with a config value 0x10B0 as shown in many examples).

I had no more success when trying to drive directly the pin in GPIO mode.


Has anyone met such an issue with this board?


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