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open62541 Realtime OPC UA PubSub Publisher timer_create error

Question asked by Jussi Viitala on Oct 29, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2019 by Jussi Viitala


I have been trying to get some time measurements running open62541 pubsub_realtime example on LS1028ARDB, LS1028A BSP, but it fails on timer_create with errno 95. Result print:


[2019-10-29 10:13:51.445 (UTC+0000)] warn/server    Username/Password configured, but no encrypting SecurityPolicy. This can leak credentials on the network.
[2019-10-29 10:13:51.445 (UTC+0000)] info/userland    PubSub channel requested
[2019-10-29 10:13:51.445 (UTC+0000)] info/server    Open PubSub ethernet connection.
[2019-10-29 10:13:51.445 (UTC+0000)] info/userland    Adding a publisher with a cycle time of 0.250000 milliseconds
[2019-10-29 10:13:51.445 (UTC+0000)] warn/userland    Failed to create a system event with code -1
    errno: 95, Operation not supported
[2019-10-29 10:13:51.445 (UTC+0000)] info/network    TCP network layer listening on opc.tcp://localhost:4840/
^C[2019-10-29 10:14:02.706 (UTC+0000)] info/server    received ctrl-c
[2019-10-29 10:14:02.706 (UTC+0000)] info/network    Shutting down the TCP network layer
[2019-10-29 10:14:02.706 (UTC+0000)] info/server    PubSub cleanup was called.


I have tried this on another Linux platforms without this issue.


Link to open62541 example:

open62541/examples/pubsub_realtime at master · open62541/open62541 · GitHub