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Are CRLC663 and Android HCE incompatible?

Question asked by Massimiliano Gimondo on Oct 29, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by Alexander Baar

Hello everybody,

I have a NXP CRLC663 based board that merely opens a lock by means of a NFC card. Now I'm requested to write an Android application which emulates an NFC card to use it as it was a card. I studied all Android background on this matter (Host-based card emulation overview  |  Android Developers ) and found that Android can support only ISO7816-4 protocol. So, on Android side there seems to be not so much to do. On NXP side there is really a lot of stuff on the table, but nothing seems to fit the Android requirements. I found this post about CRLC663 and Android (CRLC633 and Android HCE cards ) but at the end it comes that CRLC663 doesn't support (Android) HCE.

Did anybody tried and succeeded in making Android and CRLC663 work together? Has anybody some sample code to start from? It seems that it would be enough selecting the card with ISO Select and then transmitting and receiving APDUs, but the difficult point is to set up the library and to get the right APIs to do the job.

Thank you for every advice.



Massimiliano Gimondo