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How to send a multicast ping request from external network to Thread network via border router?

Question asked by xin pan on Oct 28, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Now,  I want to send a multicast packet to Thread network from external network. I build the environment through " Running Border Router Application Scenarios" of  " Kinetis Thread Stack Demo Applications User's Guide". The border router and router eligible device are both FRDM-KW24D512. The test steps is like this:

1.Add two multicast addresses to each interface on border router:

   mcastgroup add ff03::1 0

   mcastgroup add ff03::3ead 1

2.Add a multicast address to router eligible device

   mcastgroup add ff03::3ead 0

3.Send two multicast ping request from PC

    ping ff03::1

    ping ff03::3ead

Border router can forward the ping request using ff03::3ead to the router eligible device, but ping request using ff03::1 is scarely forwarded by broder router during test.  I don't know why only ff03::3ead is working well. If I want to send a multicast request with ff03::1 or other self-defined addresses, how to config the border router to forward the multicast packets to the Thread network?