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Getting necessary files for setting up environment for PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) using MPC5567

Question asked by Emanuel Hallgren on Mar 11, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2009 by Emanuel Hallgren

Hey there!

Im just about to learn how to control a motor with the MPC5567 and now Im gonna obtain the files I need to do my compilations. Problem is, I cant find the listed files in the following pwm readme file that tells me to download them from the freescale homepage. Here is the readme ==>



This is release 2.0 of the PWM API and example files.
The user should refer to Application Note AN2849 "Using the Pulse Width
Modulation (PWM) eTPU Function" which is available from Freescale.

This is a first release of the API without exmaple programs.

Files included in this package:
    ic\readme.txt         Rev: see below  - This file.          I have these three files but not the rest.
    ic\etpu_ic.c          Rev : 2.0 - The C code file for the PWM API.
    ic\etpu_ic.h          Rev : 2.0 - The header file for the PWM API.

The following files are needed in order to compile and use the example code:

  From AN2863SW "Using eTPU standard function set 1"
    etpu_set1\etpu_set1.h          - Image of eTPU set1 function code.

  From AN2864SW "General C Functions for the eTPU."
    utils\etpu_util.c   - C code file for utility functions.
    utils\etpu_util.h   - header file for utility functions.
    utils\etpu_struc.h  - Register and bit field definitions for the eTPU.

  From AN2855SW "Using GPIO on MPC5500"
    mpc5500\fs_gpio.c - MPC5500 GPIO low level driver C code file.
    mpc5500\fs_gpio.h - MPC5500 GPIO low level driver header file.
    mpc5500\crt0.s    - Start-up file

  From AN2856SW "Using the MPC5554 header file"
    mpc5500\mpc5554.h  - Register and bit field definitions for MPC5554.
    mpc5500\typedefs.h - Defines all for data types.

All of the above files are available from the Freescale website.

How can i get these files?