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FS6500 monitoring FCCU flag IO_23_FS have error reaction

Question asked by niu guanghui on Oct 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by Peter Vlna

1:  I config IO_23_FS=0(Not safety)  by set  IO_23_FS in INIT_FSSM register at INIT_FS, then after first normal WD inject FCCU error by set  FCCU.NCFF.R = 0x7;

the reaction is after five consecutive RSTB ,the SBC go to DFS.

but as my understanding if not set IO_23_FS as Safety critical, then FCCU error shouldn't have effct on fail-safe outputs.


2: I config IO_23_FS=1(Safety critical)  by set  IO_23_FS in INIT_FSSM register at INIT_FS,then not Inject any FCCU error,but the reaction is after five consecutive RSTB ,the SBC go to DFS.


but as my understanding if no have FCCU error shouldn't have effect on fail-safe output


I init FCCU as follow:

SIUL2.MSCR0_255[145].R = 0x6|0x02000000;     /* FCCU EOUT_0 , ODC push-pul */
    SIUL2.MSCR0_255[129].R = 0x6|0x02000000;     /* FCCU EOUT_1 , ODC push-pul */
    /* clear possible faults*/
    /* Unlock configuration */
    /* provide Config state key */
    FCCU.CTRLK.R = 0x913756AF;
    /* enter config state - OP1 */
    FCCU.CTRL.R = 0x1;
    /* wait for successful state transition */
    while (FCCU.CTRL.B.OPS != 0x3);
    FCCU.CFG.B.PS = 0;   //EOUT1 is high, and EOUT0 is low
    FCCU.CFG.B.FOM = 2;//   //Bi_stable
    /* NCF Configuration allow the transition from normal state to fault/alarm state when inject fault */
    FCCU.NCF_E[0].B.NCFE7 = 1;      /*1B channel 6  source: STCU, long reset. when STCU2_ERR_STAT[UFSF] is set*/
    /* set up the NOMAL mode of FCCU */
    FCCU.CTRLK.R = 0x825A132B;  //key for OP2 
    FCCU.CTRL.R = 0x2;   //set the OP2 - set up FCCU into the NORMAL mode
    while (FCCU.CTRL.B.OPS != 0x3); //operational status successful



Dhaval Shah