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Problem setting brakepoints in library projects

Discussion created by Emanuele Ziglioli on Mar 11, 2009
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I hope someone has experienced something similar.

Recently I haven't been able to set breakpoints and debug a library project.

I used to be able to do it and I can still debug the MSL library.

Though with my own library project now when I try to set a breakpoint and I open the "view>breakpoints" window, the new breakpoint appears to be greyed out.

In the source code the usually red dot looks more like faint red.


I think for some reasons, the main project cannot access the library project source code.

That's because if I force a breakpoint and I randomly happen to execute some code from the library project, then I can just see the assembly view, but I can't open the 'source' or 'mixed' views.


While in the assembly view for the library code, if I set a breakpoint there, that works.

So the problem applies to breakpoints that are set from the C source view.


Mysterious CodeWarrior...


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!