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I need an Ethernet port and 2.5 volt IO, SPI I/F and RS232 I/F

Discussion created by renee straney on Mar 10, 2009
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I need to find an Embedded processor that is similar to the mcf52233 (the ethernet connectivity is really what I need) but with 2.5 volt capable IO. I am interfacing to 2.5 volt chips and would dislike having to use voltage translators to interface to them.  Perhaps someone has a suggestion?  Freescale or similar.  I'd prefer to not use the Ubicom (although I love the IP2022 - the development package is too expensive).  


So to sum it up:

Ethernet connectivity

2.5 volt IO

I will be using SPI flash and RS232 -Via a level translator (I don't require the processor to have this built in)

Thank you