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FS65 FMEDA questions

Question asked by Murong Li Employee on Oct 24, 2019



There are some urgent questions from our customer ALPS, regarding FS65 FMEDA.

Will appreciate if these can be answer by 25th Oct!!


1, In FS65 FMEDA Safety Mechanisms sheet, SM8 is set in Low level of Diagnostic coverage.

    Could you explain that why SM8 is in Low level?


2, In FMEDA FMEDA_OP sheet, SPI function, why only G81 lead to violation of safety goal SC0006?

    How to connect this safety goal with SPI function?

    BTW, SC0006 is 'The failure modes considered for a voltage regulator (linear or DCDC converter) is the “over-voltage” and the “under-voltage”.'


    As a assumption, for other SPI failures(except G18), they can be detected by windowed watch dog. So no violation of SC0015. Is my understanding correct?


3, For CAN communication, can you explain the concept that why it doesn't violated the safety goal?


4, Customer is computing FIT based on SN29500. Is FS65 using the same standard?  


Thanks in advance!