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Question asked by Alexandre Pinotti on Mar 10, 2009
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I wanna run a simple timer to control timeouts, but I don´t wanna use Interrupts. I am trying to configure the register to make the timer run, but it doesn´t.

I am doing as follows:


void DL_Timer_Initial_Sb(void)
 /* TMRA0_CTRL: CM=001,PCS=1110,SCS=0,ONCE=0,LENGTH=0,DIR=0,Co_INIT=0,OM=0 */
 /* TMRA0_SCTRL: TCF=0,TCFIE=0,TOF=0,TOFIE=0,IEF=0,IEFIE=0,IPS=0,INPUT=0,Capture_Mode=0,MSTR=0,EEOF=0,VAL=0,FORCE=0,OPS=0,OEN=0 */


I already tried to use the exact same functions PE gives, but it just doesn´t work. PE code is to big and uses interrupts.


What´s is going wrong?


Tks a lot.