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imx6dl, DDR memory use 2GB or 1GB

Question asked by HyunSuk Lee on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by HyunSuk Lee

Hello, All


Our custom board is designed the DDR parts with the mx6sabreauto RDK board.

It could get the RDK schematic from .


The plan is as follow :

Our board is not ready and the first one will use 1GB  - If it needs more, will use 2GB.

Use 1GB DDR - 256M x 16 x 2ea - Bus Width 32bits

Use 2GB DDR - 256M x 16 x 4ea - Bus Width 64bits (like RDK)


Each DDR parts are connected to imx6dl AP as follow: (the same schematic of MX6 SABREAUTO RDK)

U3 : CS0, SDCLK1, D0-D15

U5 : CS0, SDCLK1, D16-D31

U2 : CS0, SDCLK0, D32-D47

U4 : CS0, SDCLK0, D48-D61


I wonder that is it work to use only U3 and U5 ?

I checked about the DDR3 register programming from

There are to select the chip select and the bus-width in this excel file.

And - the document doesn't comment anything about my case.


Could you help that it is possible only use U3, U5 or U2, U4 parts for 1GB ?

If it is possible, where should I modify in uboot/kernel ? I checked mx6dl.cfg and configuration excel files, but I was not found.