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Is there a step-by-step doc for building Android 9.0 on iMax8 Mini?

Question asked by Yang Songxiang on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by Rita Wang

Hi there,


We want to build an Android system on iMax8 mini, I checked the documents, it's really frustrating that the Android document contained few useful information, I have no idea how to prepare the whole build environment for Android.


For example, in the `Android User's Guide' document, it states:



The i.MX Android release source code consists of three parts:
• 1 - NXP i.MX public source code, which is maintained in the CodeAurora Forum repository.
• 2 - AOSP Android public source code, which is maintained in
• 3 - NXP i.MX Android proprietary source code package, which is maintained in


That's all the info in the doc, nothing else.


I know above #2 is standard AOSP code, I was able to get it from Google, as this is a well-known way for most of Android developer.


And I know above #3, as I can download it from NXP website.


But for #1, how to get it? I visit the link(Code Aurora git repositories ), it contains many many git, how should these git/directories be put under standard AOSP code? And so many git, need I download them one-by-one manually? 


To be honest, the document from NXP is really frustrating, it didn't say anything about these at all.


Shouldn't NXP provide a clearly-written, and a step-by-step  document for developers, instead of very unclear statement?