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NXP iMX RT1020 Eval Board

Question asked by peteradamcik on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by Wigros Sun

Hi Guys, I'm starting a whole new project and I'd like to use the NXPiMX RT1020 MPU @ 600Mhz. I checked out the eval board and the board does not have any IO ports for the user. How can I connect my external devices if the board has no ports to connect to.

Is there another eval board with ALL IO pins available to the user that I can connect to?


Please let me know as I wish to start purchasing MCU's, a flash programmer and download software from NXP.


Oh, If there's no eval board would I have to make my own breakout board for the iMX RT1020 MPU? If so is there cad footprint files for the iMX RT1020 I can download?


Thanks guys, hope to hear from you soon.