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Converting KE06Z to KEA128 Family

Question asked by cody hubman on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by cody hubman

So we were not able to find a preset chip setting kit for the KEA128. We have everything setup in the KE06z and have built all the drivers and inits manually. 


An issue I came across was that the chip setting we were using was actually KE04z. Because it lacked the ram we thought it had it eventually created memory issues but this was the only problem we found from using the chip setup of a KE04 on a KE06. 


So for the question... We have determined that all the modules and pinouts for the KEA128 (as far as what we found) are identical to the KE06z modules/pinouts. Because there is not a preset chip settings for the KEA in KDS or even MCUXpresso we were wondering if it is possible to use the KE06z file that we have already built and upload the code the the KEA. ASSUMING the memory mapping is the same, would there be an issue with this? We were going to try to order a chip and give it a shot anyways but figured it wouldn't hurt to consult for some advice on here first.