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QN9080 - Low Power FreeRtos

Question asked by Carl Matthews on Oct 21, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2019 by Carl Matthews

I'm trying to use the QN9080 to :


  • At times Beacon rapidly
  • At times not Beacon at all ( Device dormant ) 
  • Wake upon GPIO interrupt or timebase to server sensors
  • Sleep at the lowest power in between performing those tasks and beaconing


I've been using standard freertos tasks at the moment that utilise vTaskDelay for timing, these tasks seem to get blocked when using cPWR_UsePowerDownMode. But work fine when don't use cPWR_UsePowerDownMode.

I'm working off of a modified Power profile example project, where I've removed the button press, enabled advertising and set the power mode to deep sleep.


Can someone help, ideally I need a boilerplate that shows how tasks should be set up to allow cPWR_UsePowerDownMode to function when the tasks are inactive and how tasks can resume from the low power state, when using cPWR_UsePowerDownMode.


Connectivity Software: Implement tickless mode in FreeRTOS - looks good, but appears to be for an older version of the SDK.