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Kinetis Rtx bootloader jump rtx app

Question asked by BASTIEN Guillaume on Oct 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by BASTIEN Guillaume

Hello !

I wrote an RTX bootloader with (based on http_server démo from keil) at 0x0 using LAN Ethernet (for updating) and uart (for debuging) to jump to the USER application at 0x00080000 address.

I try the following with my boot : 

I changed the scatter file from 0x0000a000 to 0x00080000 and The jump works !

I copyed my bootloader and modify it to get an USER APP at 0x00080000.

The problem is that the bootloader jump again and again to my USER APP.

If I use the bootloader from the github source the jump works !

I searched for hours but i don t understand the problem.

Someone to give me some help? Any idea?

Thank you !