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can not build gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server on NXP i.MX 8MMini EVK (imx8mmevk)

Question asked by lxl lin on Oct 19, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by Joan Xie

hi ,

I follow the newest release imx-yocto-L4.14.98_2.0.0_ga and the doc i.MX_Linux_User's_Guide.pdf to bulid gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server.


1. Enable the layer meta-openembedded/meta-multimedia:
Add the line BBLAYERS += "${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-openembedded/meta-multimedia" to the
configuration file $yocto_root/build/conf/bblayers.conf.
2. Include gst-rtsp-server into the image build:
Add the line IMAGE_INSTALL_append += "gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server" to the configuration file
3. Run bitbake for your image to build with gst-rstp-server.


I run build with bitbake -k core-image-minimal

but can not find :



nothing can be found except for the Makfile:

ls   $yocto_root/build/tmp/work/aarch64-poky-linux/gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server/1.14.4-r0/build/examples   -a

.  ..  Makefile


when I run  bitbake gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server, the same can not found .libs.

what issues I made? can anyone help me? thanks.