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i.MX RT1060 Multi-channel SAI1?

Question asked by Buck Fobb on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by fangfang

We're working on connecting up to 3 stereo codecs (all the same, and will be clocked at same frequency, bitdepth, etc) to the 1060 SAI peripherals. We see that we can do this individually with SAI1, SAI2, and SAI3. However, we were thinking that we could use the multi-channel configuration of SAI1 for 2 of the codecs by using the 4 data lines SAI1.TX_DATA[0], SAI1.TX_DATA[1], SAI1.RX_DATA[0], and SAI1.RX_DATA[1], respectively. This could save a couple of pins since the BCLK and SYNC lines could be shared between those 2 codecs.


However, the documentation isn't clear whether, or how this is supported, and configuring the SAI peripheral for this operation. For example, the IMXRT1020RM.pdf has information about FIFO Combine (, as well as info about registers TDR0-3 (, whereas IMXRT1060RM.pdf is missing this information. The app note AN12090.pdf has information about setting up multi-channel, but refers to registers that aren't documented on the 1060.


NXP, can you clarify 1060 multi-channel SAI1 implementation and operation? Is the documentation incorrect - that is, are the registers and operation actually the same as 1020 (and even 1050)? If different, what is the operation? Thanks in advance for your help.