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Vacuum sensors failing

Question asked by Patrick Hill on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by Patrick Hill

I have purchased five of your sensors, 2 MPXV5050V, 1 MPXV4115V, and 2 MPXV6115V (not delivered yet).  The first three of the five have failed after working for awhile.  They have been mounted on a small pcb sold by Modern Devices.  I have followed the recommended circuit in Fig. 4 on your data sheet (for the first 3--there are some changes to Fig. 4 for the MPXV6115V).  I have checked the power supply and it is operating at a steady +5V. The sensors worked great for awhile. They are feeding analog input to a NUMATO USB breakout board. Based on the pressure, the GPIOs on the board are set to turn a vacuum pump motor on or off and to control some solenoid valves.


My question is:  Does the sensor mounting orientation affect the life of the sensors? I have them mounted on a vertical surface of an enclosure (the little pipe that connects to tubing is horizontal).  I am grasping at straws.  I thought maybe the gel inside the sensor was flowing away from whatever it is protecting.  The total time that the sensors were used before they failed was less an 8 hours but they have been mounted as described for weeks.  I need to solve this or find a different sensor.  Any ideas?