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Handling external interrupts on MPC5746CRM

Question asked by ahmed saber on Oct 19, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2019 by ahmed saber
I need to receive an external interrupt using this Micro-controller MPC5746CRM.
MPC5746CRM contains an internal module specified to handle the general external interrupt
which is SIUL2 module.
I made the required initialization as stated in the the Port module for I/O stack and by initializing some registers manually as described in the section of external interrupt initialization(page 373)
then I created an Os ISR in the Autosar Os plugin on which I shall receive this interrupt, I specified the source channel of the interrupt and it's vector.
But once I ran the software I got this ISR very frequently before the init function that initialize the corresponding registers is called, even if I didn't enable this interrupt originally.
this frequent coming for that interrupt prevents the ECU to run the software correctly or to be in communication state, all is happened that it reenter such interrupt
In spite of when I checked the Interrupt Status Flag Register0 (SIUL2_ISR0)" of the SIUL2 module with the debugger in the run time, it is saying no interrupt event happened on this pin. also the ISR is still coming
Does any one has any explanation?